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HEATTECH generates heat from your body.

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Thin yet warm, without feeling bulky.

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extra warm

The raised nap lining makes this range about 1.5 times warmer than regular HEATTECH.

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ultra warm

The raised nap lining makes this our warmest HEATTECH ever.

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When temperatures drop, sometimes your regular inner layers just aren't cutting it. The solution? Women's HEATTECH. Thin, light, and so warm, women's HEATTECH is ideal for keeping you warm all winter long.

For climates that are chilling but beat a freeze, regular women's HEATTECH is for you. When it's really cold, HEATTECH extra warm is approximately 1.5 times warmer, meaning it's great for hiking and other outdoor activities.

It's not just about tees and tops, too — women's HEATTECH offers leggings, which are great for layering under jeans or sweats when the cold sets in. Women's HEATTECH provides the utmost in warming inner layers, and it's only available at UNIQLO.