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Socks, leggings and tights in a wide selection of patterns and colors to match any outfit.

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We can't get enough of them — women’s socks may not seem like a wardrobe staple, but how many pairs do you have? Hint: there is always room for another pair (or two!). UNIQLO’s women’s socks offer a variety of styles and colors that you're sure to love wearing.

Short, sporty socks are ideal for athletic activities. they're tall enough so that they don't slip down into your sneakers, but these women’s socks are short enough so that you can still show off those kicks. No-show women’s socks are perfect for your favorite low-profile shoes like no-lace sneakers and ballet flats or room shoes. Whether you favor one type over another of women’s socks or just like to hoard all three (we're guilty, too), UNIQLO has the socks you need.

Women’s socks at UNIQLO are available in hundreds of colors and styles, and each pair of socks is made with function, performance, and comfort in mind. Stock up on these women’s socks now — your feet will be sure to thank you!